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Best Body Pillow

Many people love body pillows for their all-over body support. Most are large enough to run the full length of your body -- or at least head to knees -- so you have somewhere to rest your head, arms, and legs. Best body pillow come in a variety of shapes, from rectangular to other, less-structured designs so you have plenty of choices for your sleep style. Pregnant women are particularly fond of best body pillows and there are a number of best body pillows that are targeted specifically to the maternity market.

Why Are body pillows Useful?

The support provided by a body pillow is what makes it such a useful sleeping tool. Different levels of support are available for your specific need. By tuck the body-length pillow between your knees while you cuddle it, you can help to straighten your knees, legs, and back to a comfortable sleeping position.

Some pillows have different shapes that help to relieve different pains. Pregnant women can find the best body pillow to be infinitely more comfortable than a traditional head pillow! If you have back pain, you will also find the added support to be a great remedy for it. Most people don’t get the support they need to help rid their bodies of pressure points at night that can cause pain. By sleeping with the best body pillow, you are taking a large step towards relieving your pain every day!

Once you have gotten a comfortable position with the best body pillow, your body will also have better blood flow at night. This is going to help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the whole night without any disturbances.

1. Snuggle-Pedic Body Shredded Memory Foam Combination

This Snuggle-Pedic best body pillow is just right for sleepers with back pain who need a bit more support. Because it’s filled with shredded memory foam, it is not as firm as a solid foam pillow. The filling makes it very comfortable while helping it retain its shape.

When the pillow first arrives, you’ll find it compressed and sealed in a plastic bag. Once you remove the bag, it will expand to its full size within a few hours. To speed up the process, put it in the dryer on the fluff setting to get it ready for use. After the pillow has expanded to its normal size and shape, it will be able to mold to your body well and go back to normal within just a few seconds of you adjusting.

A built-in pillow cover made of a combination bamboo viscose and polyester fabric utilizes the “Kool-flow” design and makes the Snuggle-Pedic pillow stay cooler. It is a breathable cover that won’t trap hot air, meaning it does not warm up quickly as you use it and will stay nice and cool for you.


Pillow doesn’t heat up much throughout the night
Machine washable and dryable
Fantastic customer service and warranty plan
Made in the USA

You can feel the separate foam chunks within the pillow

The shredded memory foam pillow from Snuggle-Pedic is a great option when you need some support and a lot of cool comforts. It's 20-year warranty is very attractive to many, especially because the company is willing to stand by it!

2. PharMeDoc Total best body pillow

This body pillow is similar to the Leachco Snoogle reviewed above, but is larger in size and has a few improvements. It is a bit firmer and more supportive than an average pillow. The way it tucks around your shoulder and neck and between your knees makes it much more comfortable than some other pregnancy and back pain body pillows.

Removable and washable zipper pillow cases are a great convenience that’s been included. The cover which comes with the pillow originally is 100% and very soft. You can purchase more pillow cases for this exact pillow from different brands to help you keep it clean and comfortable.

Your bed might be taken over a bit by this large pillow, but for the comfort it provides, it is well worth the trouble. In total it is about 60 inches long, so it’s good for people in a wide range of heights.


Zipper pillow cover is easy to remove and replace
Great for side and back sleepers
Airflow is good, making the pillow cooler

Not supportive enough for all back issues
Rips and tears can develop somewhat easily

If you toss and turn too much, this particular body pillow might not be because it can tear a bit too easily. Otherwise, it’s a great body pillow for pregnant women and those who need just a little extra back support for comfortable sleep.

5. Leachco Back N’ Belly Contoured

Enjoy the comfort of full body support when using this Leachco U-shaped body pillow. It supports every part of your body fully without causing any new aches or pains. The contoured inside helps to meet the needs of your back and belly at the same time, while your hips can sit nicely without any unnecessary pressure.

No matter which way you toss and turn, you won’t have to move and adjust the pillow to fit your new position. Even if you turn from one side to the other, you will still feel supported and comfortable without having to flip it over again.

This best body pillow is filled with polyester and has a custom polyester pillow cover that is removable.


Sits well on a double bed or larger without taking up too much space
Soft and comfortable for most people with joint and back pain
Good for short people and tall people alike

One of the seams near the U bend is hard and might bother your shoulders or neck at night
Not always filled evenly

This is an effective best body pillow. Although, the issue with the seam could cause a lot of discomfort for you. It’s possible to buy a cover and get rid of the issue, so you can still use this pillow comfortably if you do that. Otherwise, this is an effective pillow that will help relieve you of many of your aches and pains.

Best Body Pillow

Many people love body pillows for their all-over body support. Most are large enough to run the full length of your body -- or at least hea...